’s mobile optimized website was launched on April 8, 2013 with information on English and Business Soft Skills Courses, Free English Learning Articles as well as Video Tutorials. The new website aims to improve Hong Kong’s English proficiency through the programs and tutorials it offers.

It is reported that the standard of English in Hong Kong is continually declining. Hong Kong was actually ranked as the 25th out of 54 non-English speaking countries in the world. This news is quite alarming as it can affect the country’s competitiveness in the world’s economic stage.

With so many foreign companies having headquarters in Hong Kong it essential for their staff to be proficient in English to communicate properly. Thus, the need for higher English proficiency is growing rapidly in the country. With this, has launched its new mobile website that can help cater to the needs of Hong Kong citizens in improving their standard of English. The mobile website is also beneficial to nationals of other Asian countries, as most of them are now extensively online. According to a recent online poll, Asians nowadays have already shifted in using their phones for online shopping.

The people behind the new mobile optimized site,, are Ian Nock,’s Director of Studies and Jonathan Lee, IT Manager. is a mobile website that offers a range of private English courses and business skills training for individuals as well as corporate English language training programs. The mobile website also offers soft skills training courses for companies such as presentations and negotiation skills.

"HKEnglish Mobile is designed to be accessible across all mobile devices and tablet computers. We wanted to make sure that everyone accessing the site has the same user experience irrespective of which device they use - iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Mobile." Lee said.

Established in 2001, is staffed by qualified and experienced native English teachers as well as business skills trainers that give clients an easy and fun English language learning experience. English tutors from the website work closely with their clients in discovering their problems, building their confidence and improving their English proficiency.

"We hope anyone who lives in Hong Kong will enjoy using HKEnglish Mobile and find it easy to use. We understand the difficulties Hong Kong citizens have with the use of English and our mission is to provide the highest quality language services & learning resources possible." Nock said.

It is expected that many will visit the site to improve their English proficiency.

For more information about the mobile optimized website, visit its official website at or email [email protected]

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