Guangdong, China; 22, April 2015: Women who always desired for fuller and plumper lips to enhance their beauty can now learn the tricks of getting beautiful lips with the help of an especially designed device and special lip exercises. HK Green Health that specializes in the lip enhancement technology and tools brings a new electronic volume lip device. The device has been developed to increase the lip size for a woman to achieve an enhanced facial beauty.

According to the company spokesperson, the lip enhancer offers faster and better results. A woman can easily use the device on a regular basis and can witness positive results in a short span of time. One doesn’t need to use any cream, medicine or any chemical substance. More importantly, it is a painless and non-surgical way to get bigger lips successfully. The product has the CE/ROHS certification and it is safe and effective for human use.

The company suggests some fuller lips exercises and also offers the complete guidance for women to learn about using the plumper device for the best results. Before using the device, one is recommended to remove the bottom part and can use a moisturizer to lubricate the blue pump ring. This will allow to maintain a smooth pumping process with a tight seal. Then, a woman can apply the pump to her mouth area and can gently suck the air through it to make sure the device is placed correctly for plumping. Once the device is positioned correctly, one can start pluming and continue it till then the lips are sucked into the mouthpiece.

A woman can follow this simple process on a daily basis and can witness a gradual pluming of her lips. However, one should avoid an excessive use of the device may cause a little pain. “The important thing is to condition your lips to the device usage, if you want to make your lips plumper quickly and effectively”, the spokesperson of the company states. To learn more about the lip enhancing device and the techniques of using it, one may visit the website

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