HJ has just launched her facebook about how to remove acne scars with a derma roller . Her facebook’s page name is Acne scar removal with a derma roller!

HJ is really commited to helping women feel great about themselves and for the last few years she was very much into fitness, weight loss and exercising, but lately she has decided to also focus on skin care.

Her 2 latest videos were about how to get rid of acne scars and stretch marks, and she has done a lot of research before she made these videos. Her videos became really popular on youtube, and already lots of women wrote her and told her about how great her tips were and how they helped them deal with their skin problems.

She has also foand a gread derma roller on Amazon, and because she bought it, decided to make a video review of the dermaroller and to place it on youtube.

She bought the new dermaroller from Amazon for $30, and because she also received a few great ebooks from them, she was really about her purchase, so she decided to contact the sellers. The sellers were also resident in New Hampshire, and HJ decided to promote the derma roller to all her mailing list, over 100000 women.

Because the owners of For Women’s Health, the sellers, really liked Heather and what she does for women, they decided to allow her to promote a discount link, so that all women who see the link for the derma roller can buy it for only $15.99, almost 50 % discount.

A few days later created her facebook page, in which she declared the fact that she wants to help lots of women who spend time on Facebook remove their stretch marks and make their face beautiful.

Already, her Facebook page has over 4000 likes and a lot of women are engaged with her videos and shares.

For the ones who want to connect with her facebook page, here is her url https://www.facebook.com/pages/Acne-scar-removal-with-a-derma-roller/342211009277654

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