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When taking on a job interview, experts believe that there are nails which are appropriate and those which are not. An article on The Houston Chronicle revealed that nails should be polished according to the job field that applicants are vying for.

“Your interview ensemble could be on-point -- a navy blue, professionally tailored skirt suit, with the perfect hose and pumps -- but if your accessories, including makeup, hair and fingernails detract from your appearance, they might affect your chances of being selected for the job,” The Houston Chronicle stated in the report.

If the applicant vies for a position in a professional services firm such as law offices and accounting firms, neutral-colored polish for nails is preferred. Nails that are wildly colored might give a bad impression. The report advised on using sheer colors, beige or clear polish for nails.

For the job interview in the health care industry, colored nail polish is also not an option. These industries usually have particular guidelines on which polish to wear.

“If you’re interviewing for a job as nurse or job in which you have the direct patient care, it’s probably safe to wear colorless polish, if any,” the article pointed out.

The latest polish for nails can be worn with freedom when an applicant vies for a job in the fashion industry. The Houston Chronicle noted that the applicant should wear the brand under the company he or she is applying for.

The HealthyWiser professional nail care kit

The HealthyWiser professional nail care kit provides various features to maintain toenails and fingernails. It is an all-in-one system that is made ergonomically for easier use. The product is very portable that applicants can bring them during the job interview.

The HealthyWiser professional nail care kit can be controlled in terms of speed and other settings. The package provides a free toe spacer and nail clipper for the shining, buffing and filing of nails. Get this professional nail care kit for only $37.96 on Amazon.

About the company

HealthyWiser is a rising brand in the field of nutritional product manufacturing and cosmetics in the United States. The company has made a statement with their products in the market. These revolutionary products are offspring of the 21st century which is now considered by many professionals as some of the best products. For more information about the HealthyWiser professional nail care kit, visit their Amazon page.
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