Chicago - Andre "Paypa" Thomas, the co-founder of the hip hop collective Project Mayhem, returned to the scene with the release of part I of the Paypaman The Film project last week. This week he releases part II of the thought provoking project.

Noted as the project that gives you another view of life in Chicago from a hip hop cinematic perspective, Paypaman The Film is also Paypa's introduction to the world of TV and Film.

In part one entitled "Off The Grid", Paypa shows us that violence and money play a major part of in the strife that plagues on of America's most beloved cities, Chicago. In part II "Takin Ova" we journey with him as he moves away only to be met with violence again. Although part II begins in a festive environment, it also shows the reality that no matter where you go your choices play a big part in what happens next. Part III, the finale’ is schedule to be released Tuesday, May 31, 2016.

View Paypaman The Film here:
Part I - "Off The Grid"
Part II - "Takin Ova"
Part III — May 31, 2016

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Facebook: Paypaman
Twitter: @DaPaypaman
IG: Paypaman

For more information including interview requests or to receive an advance copy of the finale', contact, J. Glass Communications @ [email protected] or 404.590.1339.

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