02, June 2016: Do you know that American politicians who talks to do bad relations with Russia, they just work for the order from a few military commercial firms, which just have high technology to manage people's behavior, but they do bad relations, because they just need to get orders for the weapons. But for these purposes they make the programms to manage politicians behavior especially.


Their programs base in a few directions: problem structures pay to thousands usual and high level people in every city in all countries for they do the special reactions during work and personal communications: so, they do the statistics for special systems, which analizing behavior and which help to decide what behavior will be for other many people around them. Also problem structures use people with directions in talkings for managing their friends or casual people (very popular that they use directions even in intimacy communications both: for men, for women: that's also why so many girls alone with children: problem structures sometimes tell to do so to their boyfriends, but sometimes they tell to girls to do things that the problem structures know that their boyfriends individually don't like it, that's also why they go away sometimes). So, knowing that and discuss it in mass media we can direct all these networks for good relations, because usually they don't know what for they get directions, so, if it will be known, many people will make more good relations and it will be also good for their friends and for many casual people. But there is even the information that quite possible that Hillary Clinton was recieving directions from behaviour structures when she meet Bill Clinton. But, after the Monica story they can to do the step to help many people to make good relations. Because if Hillary will continue bad politics, then she will work against her people interests. But she can help to make good relations with Russia, with other countries too. But, you know what is real purpose from the american problem structures when they manage american politicians to do problems in different regions? It is not for strong countrie. It is just for doing problems in different regions, but also problem structures want to do bad relations to USA from different regions and they use methodic that bad relations from different countries do bad health for many people in USA too. But in perspective problem structres plan to do very big problems for America too (but it is possible just because USA do problems in different countries). So, USA should help to make good relations with Russia, with other countries, then both: the usual and programming work will help to make good situations for all countries. Journalists, politicians from Russia, USA or other countries, or their representatives can talk with General Universal Information Defense Excellent Service (GUIDES, created to make good situations in the world)

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