People from numerous parts of the world are relying on solid surface worktops for their kitchen interiors. They are being used in many places, including kitchen and bathroom. The best part about them is that they are not only sophisticated and elegant, but also high on performance and functionality. These types of worktops are mainly known as corian and it is mostly sought after due to its hard and tough nature.


Corian is a durable substance made up of natural materials that are high on anti-bacterial properties. They are mainly non-porous, and due to which the absorption ability is huge. You do not have to worry about water leakages and damages and hence owing to these factors, it is extremely beneficial in the kitchen environment. It is not only used in kitchens but in bathrooms also. It excels in providing high quality material that is both durable and highly stylish. The functionality front is not at all sacrificed due to undue importance on the visual appeal.


Another thing that makes solid surface worktops popular is the range of colours in which they are available. In this section, the homeowners will get more than 60 colour options to choose from to make their homes more stylish and vibrant. As quartz is the main material over here, it is tough and of high quality. Strong and durable, it has immense beneficial qualities. Consumers or homeowners prefer to install this material on their kitchen as it certainly adds a value to their property and raises the rent amount.


Corian is basically composed of plastic resin that is available in numerous colourful choices. It will satisfy everyone’s tastes and preference. As it is a plastic material, the professional company experts can easily give it a look of granite or marble effect, depending on your want and need. And no doubt, it can be produced in large quantities as it is not a natural material. It is made up in an artificial manner and hence is not at all natural. It is very easy to clean and it easily wipes out all the spills to keep the slabs tidy and well-polished. The best part is that they can be easily repaired, that means if a scratch occurs on the corian worktops it can be rubbed down and easily repaired.


Here are few advantages of using corian substances as worktops:

Corian material is basically extracted from a plastic resin. For this reason, you can give it any colour according to your taste and preference. They are highly versatile and can be given any colour and shape.


It is highly durable and a non-porous substance that is extremely resistant to stains. It can also be easily cleaned and easy to wipe. You can easily maintain it by regular washing and cleaning by soapy water.


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