China - LED Lights not only are high brightness, long life, but also have more than 40 percent of energy saving than the ordinary energy-saving fluorescent lamps. From the accuracy static, the energy saving of 1 watt LED light is equivalent to 5 watts energy-saving fluorescent lamps and 10-watt incandescent. Regrettably, these LED flood light products are still difficult to access ordinary citizens¡¯ home.

One expert from the professional LED Lights manufacturer Ningbo Harvest Lighting CO., LTD ( ) said:¡± There are many reasons which limit the widely promotion of the energy saving LED lights. The high price, uneven quality of products, lacking of government subsidies are restricting and others reasons are all the obstacles for the development of LED lighting. This urgent situation needs to be changed.¡±

MR Wang is working in Beijing. During recent days, he heard about that LED lights are now High Bay light better than energy-saving lamps so he determined to buy one set of LED light at the nearby supermarket. He had found that that the there are only two size of LED lights on the shelves of supermarket. Taking into account the large living room area of his house, he wanted to buy a 5 watt LED light but the price of it is six times of the price of normal energy-saving lamps. In desperation, he spent 15 RMB to buy one ordinary energy-saving lamp. However, the current price for LED lamp such as LED flood light is too high and normal people cannot afford.

The engineer from the LED manufacturer has said:¡± The reason for the current high price for LED lamp is due to the high price of LED lamp manufacture and the supermarket.¡± He one incandescent bulb and energy saving lamp on the shelves and said:¡± The price for 40 watt incandescent bulb is only 2 RMB and the 10-watt energy-saving lamp is priced at 15 RMB. Unfortunately, the price for 5-watt LED light is 80 RMB. Ordinary people certainly will not spend cashes in purchasing this high price product.¡±

Although the LED lighting products such as LED High Bay light have been promoted for many years, this products¡¯ influence with people¡¯s daily life is still very little. In addition to the price factor, some small manufacturers¡¯ shoddy substandard products are also an important reason. For example, some small factories¡¯ low-quality LED light will use the low quality radiator which largely will affect the life of LED lights.

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