New Delhi, India, December 18, 2009- The fast growing English Training Institute in New Delhi, launches English training programs for corporate India. English has become an imperative instrument for all owners of growing business empires and aspirant managers in global business perspective. “We receive several online and telephonic inquiries from corporate world to know whether we have a specific English training program for senior management officials and professionals in Indian industry” says Rajni Gupta, director of HIC Learning Centre, “We have designed this program exclusive for management cadre in Indian Inc” she adds.

Corporate English Training Program:

HIC has been providing training in Spoken and Written English to college students, employees, and professionals for more than a few years now. This is the only institute in Delhi which has developed innovative methods to inculcate natural English speaking skills in Hindi Speaking students. This institute trains its students in a natural way rather than traditional classroom type of environment. “We inspire and help our students to transfer their thinking process into English language” informs Rajni, “it is not a very easy thing to achieve but, with our unique approaches, is not impossible either” she tells.

HIC has developed a special English training program for corporate managers, senior officers and professionals to develop their English speaking, perceiving and writing skills to international standards.

Corporate Computer Training Program:

HIC is equally famous for its computer education programs for all levels of students and professionals. It runs computer skills development programs in Tally, Web Designing, DTP (Desktop Publishing), Software Development, Animation, and in basic computing. The institute has earned a distinct reputation among all leading vocational and professional training institutes in New Delhi. It also organizes on-spot training program for large corporate members in their own offices and company premises.

Whether we blame our basic education system or environmental deficiencies that has kept most of us way back from international business community in international communicational competencies. English being an international language you can not do without it. If you want to see a real progress in your business or profession you have to be very good at English, without an exception.

This is what HIC stands for. It supports all senior and junior level officers, employers, employees, workers, college and school students and even foreign education aspirants to regain their confidence and achieve new heights by equipping themselves with excellent English speaking, writing and presentation skills. Those who seek guaranteed improvement in their English skills may visit for more details on courses and English training programs for their levels.

HIC has organized corporate training program for various leading organizations to provide practical computer and English training for their employees. Some of the names include Larsen & Turbo Limited, Ganesh Scientific Research Foundation, while active communications are afoot with many other industries, institutions, organizations and departments to conduct corporate training program in their own premises.

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