Dr. Kamrava, the hemorrhoid specialist Los Angeles expert, has in-depth knowledge of general health. He uses advanced technology to accurately determine the cause of discomfort his patients experience. Hemorrhoids are one the most common problem his patients face. Although hemmorhoids are not an urgent medical condition, Dr. Kamrava offers recommends his hemorrhoid specialist Los Angeles treatment.

Before performing his treatment, Dr. Kamrava, the hemorrhoid specialist Los Angeles, has to go through various steps. First, he has to perform a visual evaluation. If it becomes difficult to determine, the doctor proceeds with follow-up tests. If the results show that a hemorrhoid is present, the hemorrhoid specialist Los Angeles specialist recommends to get it removed.

Hemorrhoid specialist Los Angeles is advised to those who no longer want to suffer from pain, discomfort or tenderness. For patients who are concerned about their hemorrhoids, Dr. Kamrava is here to help. Dr. Kamrava makes himself readily available to answer any questions. The hemorrhoid specialist Los Angeles expert has also been very successful at getting rid of hemorrhoids for many patients.

About Dr. Allen Kamrava

The hemorrhoid specialist Los Angeles specialist, Dr. Kamrava, is committed to providing high-quality service for his patients. With his many years of experience and advanced equipment, Dr. Kamrava is able to help all patients who come to him. Along with hemorrhoids services, Dr. Kamrava treats other health problems, such as condyloma fulguration, skin mole excision, temporal artery biopsy, and sebaceous cyst. To schedule an appointment, visit his website at or his office at 9001 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 104 Beverly Hills, CA 90211 (424.279.8222).

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