Bolton, United Kingdom; 05, July 2016: Almost everyone can relate to a story about customer service nightmares. For many, the problems start even before they begin to contact the companies in question! It's a well-known fact that large firms don't make it easy for people to call them.

For a start, they have a myriad of telephone numbers for various departments. They seldom publish them in obvious places on their websites. An added annoyance is when those firms don't update their contact numbers. As a result, callers end up greeted with the usual "this number has not been recognised" message!

By the time that people eventually find the right number, they are feeling frustrated. They are often angry, and "vent" at the first person they speak to. As one can imagine, such scenarios don't usually end up with a positive outcome for either party. The sad truth is that it's a growing problem in the UK. And it's one that most consumers have got used to.

Numbers Helpline: reducing the stress of finding customer service numbers

The frustration of not finding the right numbers will soon be at an end thanks to one innovative website! Numbers Helpline is a free service that has one goal in mind. And that is to offer consumers access to the customer service numbers they need.

The website makes it easy to find telephone numbers for a variety of well-known brands. All people need to do is search for the company in question. The website will then return the correct customer service telephone number that they need.

There are no registration forms to fill out when one needs to use the website. Nor do users have to provide any personal details to access the numbers. And, of course, the site is 100% free of charge to use. Numbers Helpline can get accessed at

Always updated

Visitors to the website might worry that the numbers offered could themselves be out of date. The beauty of using the Numbers Helpline site is that all numbers get checked on a regular basis. This gives site users peace of mind that they'll never call an "out of service" number.

In the rare event that a number isn't working, visitors can contact the site for help. The team behind the website will work to correct any problems with the number.

Mobile app also available

Users of smartphones and tablets can also use the free service with ease. There is a dedicated app available for both iOS and Android device users. Searching for customer service numbers on the go has never been easier!

About Numbers Helpline:

Numbers Helpline is a free service that allows users to find customer service numbers. It lists numbers for all the top companies and service providers in the UK.

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