Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, China - In the recent times heavy-tungsten alloys have a vast range of applications in the various sectors namely government, industrial or consumer. There is a huge demand for High Density Tungsten Alloy Series for uses like adjusting weight distributions in race cars or sailboats, in lead-free high performance shots during waterfowl hunting, for the purpose of balancing of weights for the ailerons in the helicopter rotors, commercial aircraft, guided missiles etc.

Apart from the above there are countless other uses of tungsten alloys and one company that has acquired global reputation as a manufacturer and processor of high quality High Density Tungsten Alloy is Zhuzhou Luke's Metal Powder Product Co., Ltd. This company was established in the year 2001 October. This company is actually a joint venture between a China-based company and a foreign one. The company has an online entity www.heavy-tungsten.com. Some of the top product ranges of the company are Tungsten Copper Alloy Series, Cemented Carbide Series, High Density Tungsten Alloy Series, Silver Tungsten Alloy Series, Pure Molybdenum Series, Pure Tungsten Series and so on. The manufactured items of the company are largely used in war industry, aerospace industry, in clocks, jewelry, medical equipments, automobiles etc. The company takes pride in the following things:

1. Abundance of Capital; i.e. it is financially sound enough to invest in huge manufacturing projects
2. Advanced manufacturing techniques
3. Stringent Quality Control Measures
4. Quality Technical support forwarded by the A-grade Universities.

The various related tungsten products manufactured by the company include things like bucking bar, tungsten rod, filament made of pure tungsten, Tungsten alloy plate, Copper Tungsten plate etc. The company products that are manufactured through the impression and injection molding procedures are exported to countries like America and Japan and are utilized mainly in the production of special-shaped items and huge high-density items for the purposes of medical shielding and also for other uses.

“We have a huge customer base for our tungsten alloy, Tungsten Copper Alloy, Cemented Carbide products in almost all prestigious nations. For example our customers in countries like America, Germany, Spain, Italy and Japan have shown great trust in our products. Our excellent product quality, professionalism, superior customer service, total involvement and dedication in serving customers are our strong points” says a team member

The high density tungsten alloy manufactured by the company meet the American & Chinese Standards of Aerial Materials and thus customers can make guaranteed purchase tungsten of good quality Alloy.

“I own a clock heavy-tungsten manufacturing industry. For my industrial usage I bought in bulk High Density Tungsten Alloy from the company. The Alloy is great in quality and served my purpose very well” says a happy customer.

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