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As evidenced with reception despite the popularity even among celebrities, the original Atkins diet has been slammed of controversies because of its wide restrictions. There are even some that reportedly say that the diet has never been effective.

An article on the Epilepsy Foundation introduced a more effective and less restrictive alternative to the original diet plan and this is known as the modified Atkins diet. The original diet has been characterized for restricting carbohydrates and a considerable amount of protein. But this time, the modified Atkins diet provides patients will free choices and less restrictions, the website stated.

Just like the original Atkins diet, the modified Atkins diet consists of high fat food sources such as butter, whipped cream, oils, mayonnaise, eggs, bacon and meats. Furthermore, the diet plan also contains some fruits and vegetables such as avocados, with the addition of cheese, olives and nuts. When it comes to the fluid part, encouraged are diet soda, and flavored waters to avoid the side effects, according to the Epilepsy Foundation.

Aside from supporting the modified Atkins diet with ketogenic products, the major difference of this modified plan is that “there are no restrictions on protein.” According to the foundation, around 35 percent of calories are present for a taker of the modified Atkins diet, which can come from protein.

There are instances when patients can be allowed for some carbohydrates, since the food sources are “not weighed and measured,” but the carbohydrate levels have to be meticulously monitored by both the patients and their companions. Perhaps the most exciting modification into this modified Atkins diet is giving its takers the freedom to eat in restaurants outside their homes.

Aside from diabetes patients, this modified diet plan has been used for patients of epilepsy and related conditions.

“The diet is a ‘modified’ Atkins diet as it allows for less carbohydrates than the traditional Atkins diet (15 to 20 g/day) and more strongly encourages fat intake. Please remember that no diet should be tried without a neurologist involved,” the foundation stated in the article.

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