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Customers are fascinated about HealthyWiser’s professional nail care system because of its features and functions. It is an all-in-one professional pedicure and manicure set that has toe spacers and nail clippers. This product is perfect for the nail filing, shining and buffing of nails, so people do not have to visit the nail salon anymore.

HealthyWiser’s nail care system can also improve the circulation in the nails.

In a report on website, Dr. Ben Kim explained how the nails can be a mirror to overall health. According to the doctor, people generally take around six months to grow a fingernail and around 18 months to grow a complete nail set on the toes.

“There are plenty of reasons why your toenails grow at a slower clip than your fingernails do, the main one being that your toenails are further away from your heart, and therefore receive less overall and quality blood supply - I mentioned this earlier in a post on how to promote good blood circulation in your legs and feet," the physician in the report stated.

Nails provide the windows for people in measuring their overall and holistic health status. One of the tests used is reportedly known as the "capillary refill test." This test can be done by pressing down the fingernail and maintaining this pressure until circulation turns them white, and then releasing the pressure. The duration of time that the nails take to get back to the normal color determines the health condition of the person, the website noted.

“If blood circulation is reasonably strong, a person's nail should turn pink within two seconds or less. If blood circulation is compromised, capillary refill time increases,” the physician noted on the website.

HealthyWiser’s professional nail care system has the function to keep circulation in the nails at bay, so people can be confident that they are having a great health condition with a healthier nail bed.

One customer review praised how the product provides great benefits: “I am a beauty enthusiast. I love all things having to do with beauty, including equipment for my fingernails and toenails. I am always looking for new products to help with making my nails look their best."

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HealthyWiser is a reputable company that provides various products in the United States for personal health, wellness and beauty. It has a growing brand in the market that has continued to impress consumers.
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