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Water specialists and experts in household care have always noted the importance of taking care of hot tubs, water spas and Jacuzzis in households, especially in terms of monitoring their pH levels. Making sure that hot tubs in households are in their right pH levels is going to help homeowners prevent the onset of bacteria that can affect the performance of these hot tubs.

In an article on website, it has been emphasized that pH levels are important in hot tubs, but homeowners should also pay attention to their total alkalinity.

What does total alkalinity mean? The website explained total alkalinity as the buffer of pH. When this is not balanced the right way, the pH cannot give the right and accurate reading. No matter how new and accurate the device is, such as HealthyWiser’s digital pH meter, there is a need to work on total alkalinity to keep buffers working with pH balance. Controlling pH levels depends on total alkalinity.

HealthyWiser’s digital pH meter comes with a free extra set of buffer powder on Amazon, as well as the auto calibration feature. The product is among the best-preferred devices in the market by customers because they can provide accurate digital pH readings for substances like hot tub and water spas.

“Think of the pH as the thermometer on your furnace’s thermostat. The thermometer measures the exact room temperature,” explained. “Total alkalinity is like the thermostat, in that it gives you the ability to control pH.”

According to the website, the aim is always to keep alkalinity readings at acceptable ranges of 80 to 120 ppm for these hot tubs and water spas. HealthyWiser products can do just that.

Circumstances happen when the total alkalinity of hot tubs is high or low. When there are low ranges of total alkalinity, there are rapid shifts in pH levels and the water can cause irritation on the skin and eyes. On the other hand, the website explained that having high total alkalinity can be difficult to change pH. Some effects are the formation of scales, and people can notice water cloudiness.

Use HealthyWiser products such as the digital pH meter and the TDS meter to check on total alkalinity levels. The digital pH meter comes with an auto calibration feature with buffer powders to aid the process. They are mess-free and convenient but just dipping the meter into the water and wait until the display reads the pH levels.

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