Health Sanctuary is giving free consultation service for face shaping through their branded treatment Ultra-Lipolysis.

Health Sanctuary has started their free consultation service online through their website. Now anyone can consult their cosmetologist anytime by filling up a form which can be found on the site or by ringing up their Free Consultation Number +91 9873298033. The beautiful nutritionist founder Shubi Husain of Health Sanctuary chain of Weight Loss, Dermatology and Laser Clinics, with her dedication and hard work, has reached the sky and is blooming rapidly with more popularity among the customers. The goal of the company is to modify the lifestyle and habits which may sustain for a long time. They groom their customers in such a way that after grooming, their customers look and carry a wow factor with them all the time. They work very hard and attend each of their customers with proper dedication so that no one could complain about them. They have introduced face shaping in their list, so the person who holds a heavy weight on the face, which results in looking aged, can be reduced into a perfect well-shaped face.

Health Sanctuary provides top most and best procedures for losing extra fat from the face so that the customers never face any trouble in future for it. They use ultralipolysis process to remove facial fat to give a beautiful jaw line with a perfect shaped face. This non-surgical procedure is being done for getting a tighter, young and more glowing skin without any surgeries. This procedure is mainly done for the removal of the extra fat from around the eyes, back of the ear lobe and the double chin.

The process of face shaping has gained popularity as due to over-eating and other bad habits or some medical issues, many people got deposited fat on the face which really gives an aged look. So this procedure is good as it doesn’t need any cuts and burns and also it is painless. One of the Health Sanctuary’s customers writes “Really thrilled after taking combinations of Lipolysis at Health Sanctuary and losing 7 cms! They work wonder!”

About Health Sanctuary:
This chain of clinics started its journey in 2003 when nutritionist Shubi Husain started the first weight loss, dermatology and laser clinic at New Delhi. Now it has many branches and customers who come here for treatment mainly for losing weight which is a problem nowadays. With their different non-surgical procedures, they are successfully treating their patients to give their desired body and shape.

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