London, UK — Today, the website announced the five most important points people needed to know about this increasingly popular weight loss ingredient, especially if they were looking to buy any products online.

The Founder of, Estelle Brown stated “Before buying any weight loss product, it is important to know if an ingredient or product is the right one to achieve a specific weight loss goal, and it is also paramount to research the products available on the market, as these vary greatly in terms of quality and results”.

CarallumaForYou is a health blog totally dedicated to this weight loss ingredient, which is known to suppress the appetite and burn body fat. The website has identified the five most important facts about caralluma that anyone looking to buy a product of this type, would need to know.

1. The History

“In order to understand how this ingredient works, the history of this plant is key” states Brown. Caralluma Fimbriata is a flowering cactus most commonly found in rural India. For centuries it has been referred to as a ‘famine food’, as it helped the locals to fight hunger during times of little food or bad harvest. The plant was also known to enhance energy levels.

2. What The Most Effective Products Contain

The best products contain ‘Slimaluma’, not caralluma itself. ‘Slimaluma’ is a pure extracted form of the weight loss ingredient, and is the strongest and most effective form of this ingredient available.

3. The Innovation Behind Slimaluma

Slimaluma was developed using ground breaking technology, and was awarded ‘Global Product Innovation Of The Year’ by Frost and Sullivan in 2008. This extracted process is patented and is exclusively used in Caralluma Fimbriata products only.

4. Product Quantity

In order for a product to be effective, it must contain 500mg of Slimaluma. Many products available contain less than this, and will not work for weight loss.

5. How Caralluma Works

“This plant is a powerful appetite suppressant, fat burner, and it also balances the blood sugar levels. It is 100% natural and side effect free, making it a winning weight loss combination” states Estelle.

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