Greensboro, Alabama, December 11, 2013: Using music as a shelter from the violent world around him, Haze Da Punter changed his path from one of crime to one of peace. Having come from a street life, he utilized his intelligence to avoid a criminal record and become well known in the rap band R&B industry. As a young teen, he began focusing on using music as an escape from the street and changing his life for the better. 

He sites family values as a shelter from the dangers he faced growing up, and sites them as one of the main reasons that his music stands out. Released on November 4th, 2013, his latest single titled “Be It All” reflects his values, struggles, and self-realization. Understanding both peace and violence, Haze Da Punter has since been slowly climbing the artistic ladder and improving his songwriting and lyrical imagery. 

Recorded using Pro Tools, “Be It All” is a testament to life and a reflection of the real life hardships that each individual faces. Fully understanding the pros and cons of growing up on the streets with a college mentality, Haze Da Punter uses his ability to connect with listeners in his own way. Intelligent lyrics backed by unique rhythms allow his music to convey important commentary while remaining incredibly infectious. 

Over the next six months, Haze Da Punter will focus on filling venues for live performances and boosting his record sales. His raw and unapologetic nature provides the perfect mixture of war and peace, and “Be It All” holds it’s ground as a top club song in terms of quality and meaning. 

For more information on Haze Da Punter and to hear the new single “Be It All” check out his web site or YouTube channel at . 

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