17, May 2016: Every working day when you have to drag yourself towards the subway station several miles away, you might hope there is an electric portable vehicle that can help you cover the short distance. When you are stuck in a traffic jam and worry about being late, you might be desperate for a mini vehicle that can take you away from the long queue of cars and buses.

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When you go out for sight-seeing, you hope you can enjoy yourself, but after a two-hour walking you find your body can’t match your desire as you feel exhausted. At that time, you may be in need of an electric vehicle that can take you for a ride so that you can take a rest while enjoying the beautiful scenery. If you really want to have an efficient and comfortable travel, you can own an Airwheel S6 electric mini self-balancing scooter.


It is mini, light and handy. Airwheel S6 electric saddle-equipped electric scooter is the extension of your car, an elf passing through in the city. Having a light weight and mini structure, it can be easily conquered even by a small girl. With its superior performance, you can go through even in a little a corridor. So small and practical, you can ride it to work, travel, shopping or date. You can travel freely no matter in flat road or a curved path.


It brings unexpected comfort. Airwheel S6 two-wheeled scooter has adjustable seat cushion so that you can alter it to your suitable height. And various ways of riding bring unparalleled riding experience. You can stand or sit to ride which is suitable for a wider range of application scenarios. Moreover, different from former self-balancing scooter whose direction is controlled by handles, Airwheel S6 is controlled simply by turning the direction of its cushion, so that this sitting posture self-balancing scooter can liberate your hands and you can go through any paths. With this mini electric scooter, you will be the most attractive one in the street.

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