Miami, USA; 13, March 2015:, a top real estate and lifestyle magazine that doles out scoops on real estate industry and interviews real estate barons, recently listed the top luxury properties for sale. The webmasters of the online magazine have remarked that people who look for high-end properties cannot easily find the truly world-class properties that are targeted at the select few of the society in local classifieds. There are locally based realtors who definitely inform prospective real property buyers about different types of properties. However, it becomes really difficult for the top investors to find the really top-of-the-lot real properties., an elite lifestyle magazine, now aims to put an end to this aimless search. Luxury Properties for sale seen at Haute Residence are truly world-class, the webmasters have claimed. recently listed the truly world-class real estate properties and has also included relevant information on nearest locations, photos of real properties for sale and many more info bits that would surely attract top investors. According to the owners, many of the magazine subscribers are top industrialists and real estate investors. Their aim is to give complete information to the prospective investors so that they do not have to hop from one site to the other just to gather relevant property information. ‘The Estate of the Day’ section lately introduced by the team features a real estate property every day and this property is handpicked by the real estate market experts who write columns for

“Really world-class real properties are like hidden gems. The local realtors and real estate agents might give you complete information on small and big condos, villas, and other sorts of properties. But the really huge properties that are complete with all the modern amenities are really meant for the select few are not usually featured in local classifieds. now lists all these top-notch properties for our readers who are looking to invest in luxury properties”, said the owner and editor-in-chief of the online magazine that publishes exclusive real estate news at regular intervals.

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