Harrington Group today announced the release of Harrington Quality Management System to truly give businesses an easy and convenient way to improve

“In talking with business owners and executives, one thing that became very clear was that they were in serious need of quality management software that would make it easy for them to manage five key drivers of shareholder value: customers, employees, supply chain, products, and services,” said Dr. H James Harrington. “That's what the Harrington Quality Management System was designed to address.”

The Harrington Quality Management System is a comprehensive business process improvement and quality management system designed to enable businesses to optimize business performance by streamlining critical business processes such as audit management, document control, records management, training management, and compliance.

“The initial response to the Quality Management System has been even better than we expected,” continued Harrington. “I think what we're seeing here is that professionals in all industries are drawn to some of the other benefits as well.”

For example, Harrington said that many business owners were finding the automatic linking of business processes to quality management programs in manufacturing and service industries an important added plus — a feature not available in most other quality management systems. The software makes sure that the corrective and preventive actions , root cause analysis, material non-conformance, opportunities for improvement, parts management and supplier management systems already in place undergoes quality management. “We thought it was important, when creating the Harrington Quality Management System, to give even more than what people are asking for,” said Harrington. “That's why we didn't stop with just the obvious angle. We really tried to cover all the bases.”

With the Harrington Quality Management System, business owners will have the following benefits:

- Improvement of business processes will reduce development time and production costs.
- Prevention of major disasters before they occur because of CAPA initiatives.
- Reduce waste and minimize cost in the product production.
- Can help maintain strict adherence to ISO compliance and government regulations.
- Increase in repeat business as customers trust the quality of products that you provide.
- Short return on investment.
- Increase in the quantity of “top line” sales and “bottom line” revenue.

About Harrington Group International

The Harrington Quality Management System is the flag-ship quality management system from Harrington Group International. The company has also produced caWeb 4, which is a Corrective Action-Issue Management software, and SQS, the world's first truly user-friendly software solution that enables manufacturers to make an immediate and profound impact. Harrington Group International (HGI) is a network of global performance improvement providers that was formed by the association of The Harrington Institute (HI) of Los Gatos, California and Harrington Software (HS) of Orlando, Florida. They offer management workshops, consulting engagements, training and education services as well as quality software products for business innovation, business process improvement, and quality management.

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