Picking out the right carpet color for your home is an extremely big decision as you will be living with it for at least a couple of years. Besides, because carpets cannot be changed as often as rugs due to their expensive prices, it is recommended that you spend ample time on selecting the right one instead of regretting the decision after it has been laid out. 

Fortunately, choosing the color of the carpet for your home has become easier in the past few years as they are available in almost any color and shade imaginable. Now a common mistake that people make is to only consider the color of their walls or furniture when deciding on the color of the carpet. You have to know that while both of these factors are important, there are other things to consider as well. 

The following factors will help you search for the perfect color carpet. 

Size of the Room 

Whether you are going to be laying out the carpet in the living room, dining room or the bedroom, you must remember that the size and space available is extremely crucial in the selection of the carpet color. While larger rooms can accommodate darker colors, it is recommended that you only use lighter and cooler shades where the space is limited since dark colors make rooms look smaller. So if you use a dark brown or maroon carpet in a small bedroom, it will end up looking very congested. 

Level of Traffic 

Another factor that will decide the carpet color for you is the level of traffic that you will be expecting. For instance, if you have toddlers, kids or pets in the house, consider going for darker shades that hide spills and dirt. Also remember that lighter colors will be more prone to showing wear and tear as compared to darker colored shades. 

Design and Theme 

Finally, you must consider the overall theme that is being followed in the room. Keep in mind that even though it is not necessary for you to exactly match the colors, the carpet should compliment the design and theme. In addition, contrasting colors should be used. 

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