11, July 2016: Mostly people who have reached 30 years of age get affected with this disease. Patients with this condition often suffer from pain in and around the anal region while they are sitting. Women are mostly known to suffer from this condition than men. Again many people do not treat this condition as they get ashamed of disclosing their pains and conditions to the doctors. It is extremely important to treat the hemorrhoids and that too in the early stages. Today one can treat the condition with the help of the home remedies.

As the Greeks say it, hemorrhoids is a condition which hat itching, blood flow, pain in the anal region while one sits. The hämorrhoiden salbe can be used for getting relief and comfort. The small blood vessels in the anal canal are usually found to be upholstered under the mucus membrane in a ring with a three tier form serving to be the closure of the anus. One should start to treat it before it gets enlarged permanently and spreads. Hemorrhoids appear to be a sort of nodular swelling just at the mouth of the anus. The internal hemorrhoids are more important to be treated at an early age than the external ones. It mostly occurs due to the poor lifestyle or diet of the people. Ones suffering due to obesity always have a high risk of suffering from this condition and if so they should be starting their treatment in the early stages.

Exerting too much of pressure on the hemorrhoids is strictly prohibited and too much use of the laxatives actually make the intestine sluggish. The hämorrhoiden salbe is an effective manner through which the hemorrhoids can be treated. The hämorrhoiden salbe is now used by most of the people suffering from this condition.

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