August 22, 2013; Los Angeles, CA: Paul Ramos is a music producer, DJ and a huge fan of Halloween. As a musician, he realized something about the majority of music available for Halloween. “It was awful,” said Ramos. “The same old tunes would play year after year.” 

Ramos refers to the fact most Halloween music is stale and contrite. The most popular Halloween party music came out during the 1980’s or before. The only other option DJ’s was to play something current while adding scary sound effects and noises to the song. But who really wants to hear “Call Me Maybe” with ghosts moans in the background? Simply put, there was very little music to speak of for today’s dance fans to appreciate. 

Ramos built - a community portal for those who love to dance and love Halloween. At the Halloween Music Lives website people are encouraged to share and create fresh Halloween themed music. Their first gig was to re-mix “Monster Mash,” and it was an immediate success. The rest has taken off like wild fire. 

“That was it. Since I work in the underscore world, my music partner and I decided that this was too much fun. We set out to make more Halloween music,” said Ramos. 

They are expecting to have a full album ready for Halloween 2014. This will feature some of the greatest Halloween hits from yesteryear revamped for the 21st century music and dance lover. “Mozzie the Dead,” will be a single released from the album this year. 

“Just enough to give our fans a taste of what is to come,” said Ramos. For now, Ramos and his musician friends are working hard in the studio to create more and better Halloween music. Best of all, other artists will be able to add their tunes and beats. 

“The ultimate goal is to build a slamming festival dedicated to Halloween in all its spirit with just slamming music till the dawn,” said Ramos. 


Halloween Music Lives is dedicated to providing danceable music for the month of October when all the ghouls, goblins, vampires, monsters and the living dead throw Halloween parties. HML encompass all aspects of music from Hip Hop to Country to World music. Their parent company “Disciple Brothers Media is a Music Publishing Business, focused on niche markets, providing production scores and original music distribution. 

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