“Halal ” A benchmark of certified quality products

  • A drive to create awareness for the real meaning of “Halal”
  • Haji Shakeel Qureshi, Entrepreneur, Exporter & socialist supports the campaign
  • “Halal”  certification mandatory in international markets .


Mumbai July :2016: Haji Shakeel Qureshi , India's renowned entrepreneur,   exporter and socialist supported  a campaign to  create awareness amongst the people about the “Halal” certification.

International Standards are backbone of our society , ensuring the safety and quality of products and services, facilitating international trade and improving the environment in which we live in.

Labelling prevent deception and help consumers make welfare-maximizing choices. A consumer can get the most only if he/ she has accurate information about the foods under consideration. Accordingly, the goal of label information is to help consumers identify the food products that best match their preferences, thus helping consumers spend wisely.

Mr Haji Shakeel Qureshi said, “ We all are quite familiar with word “Halal” but our knowledge of this word is very shallow..Very few of us are aware of real sense of this word. Most of us relate Halal to Halal Meat but  It is just one small aspect of Halal .


Halal is an Arabic word which means permitted, lawful with respect to which no restriction exists. The word Halal has a broader meaning which actually means whatever one does should comply with ethical means. Whatever one earns , sells , consumes or trade should be done with honesty , clear thoughts and always abstain from dishonesty and cheating.

Mr. Haji Shakeel Qureshi  further added ,”There is very less awareness that " Halal" is an international certification of standard of assurance of quality and  purity which is globally accepted. In  Gulf countries” Halal” mark is mandatory for all export products and is a benchmark for quality .Halal Certification opens up opportunity to tap global food market of about 2 billion people (Middle East , Asia Pacific, EU, USA, Central Asia ).

India  is a fast growing economy ,awareness about Halal quality standards can give opportunity to many upcoming entrepreneurs to export their products abroad .

Never the less with growing export from our country we should also make Halal Mark mandatory on our products so that we are able to export our FMCG segment internationally with ease.
He emphasised  that,” Today knowingly or unknowingly we are becoming slaves of materialistic world where we compromise with our ethics. Halal sets a direction for our life . The real meaning of this term should be made understood to all . Leading a pious life and following Halal in our day to day life will not only help us to become a good human being but also help in upliftment of society as a whole.

Mr Haji  Shakeel Qureshi is  Chairman of Marya Day group. He began his business in 2003 with  frozen  agri inputs and equipments and today he stands with plus 1600 cr worth business . He is conferred with many prestigious awards which includes Best Entreprnuer and best Exporter Award by Government. A man with golden heart  is well known businessman and exporter in India. He believes in making a person self reliant.  Marya Day group  under his flagship is supporting “ Adhunik Vishkarma” campaign under Government of India’s “ Skill India “ initiative which has  trained about 1500 masons till date under guidance of IIT and government experts and further targeting 5000 more.

He is serving the industry as well as society and is  working for the empowerment of women and child education.

Owing to his achievements Mr Haji Shakeel Qureshi  has also featured in international book  " Inspiring stories of successful personalities of India"