When it comes to installing or maintaining any type of irrigation in San Antonio, it is important to hire professionals. Homeowners who want a quality sprinkler system in San Antonio or any type of pool maintenance or repair job are usually better served by hiring professionals such as H3O Water Systems. However, there are ways for homeowners to perform simple tests that let them know if they need a professional's help such as the "bucket test" for swimming pools.

H3O Water Systems, located on the web at www.h3owatersystems.com , a company that performs pool repair in San Antonio, recommends the bucket test for homeowners before calling in repair services. For easy pool leak detection, San Antonio homeowners simply take a bucket, set it on the top pool step and fill it with water to the same level as that of the pool. In 24 hours, the homeowner can visually check the two water levels; if the level outside the bucket is lower than that inside the bucket, there is likely a significant pool leak.

H3O Water Systems has become the "go-to" company for installation of lawn sprinklers and drip irrigation systems in San Antonio as well as pool cleaning and pool plaster repair. San Antonio home owners turn to H3O Water systems for installation of a splash pad as well as repair and maintenance of all water features and systems. H3O Water Systems offers free telephone support for clients, unmatched warranties, superior service and products, and a management team with over 90 years of combined experience in the water industry.

About H3O Water Systems:

Since 2006, H3O Water Systems has been providing professional service for swimming pool maintenance and repair as well as drip irrigation and sprinkler system installation in all types of homes throughout the Greater San Antonio area. H3O Water Systems is committed to innovation as well as upholding of the best and most professional standards in products and services for San Antonio homeowners who want dependable, affordable water features including irrigation, splash pads, and sprinkler systems as well as reliable repair services for all water systems.

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