H. Jam has launched her new facebook page about nutritional tips for faster weight loss . On her new page, she posts daily tips on how women can eat better for burning more fat and achieve better weight loss.

Even though HJ has many facebook pages designed for women, she felt that one important aspect in every woman’s life should be related to what she eats and the way she combines nutrients and foods.

HJ knew that there is a sure path to failure when it comes to eating. Combining protein with carbohydrates at a meal, could lead to massive weight gain, and since over 60% of the women who live in United States are already overweight, this would be a complete no.

So, she started a new blog on dain which she posted a new recipe daily. Her recipe would consist of natural organic ingredients mixed together to achieve fast weight loss, a beautiful skin and a harmony in the women’s body.

Even though she used to email almost daily to her email list about the new recipe, she felt that she could only reach a small amount of women this way, as most of them hardly check their email more than twice per week. So at the most they could read only 2 of her recipes.

But when she did a little research about her audience and how they spend their time on the internet, she found out that most of the women who are subscribed to her newsletter were spending so much time on facebook.

So she has created this new facebook page called Women’s Nutrition 101, a page designed to help women lose weight faster and achieve perfect health balance. The url of her page is https://www.facebook.com/WeightLossNutritionforWomen and since she has started her page, over 1 year ago, over 32000 women from all over the world have decided to follow HJ’s weight loss tips in their news feed by likeing her page.

Today, HJ post every week on her page, mostly about health tips for women, tips that she has already tried and made her healthy or improved her life in a small way or another.

For the women who are interested in getting the best weight loss tips or just want to get inspired by some of the best weight loss stories on the internet, they should go ahead and visit her page, and hit the like button so that they stay in touch with all the content HJ will post related to fat loss and other health issues regarding women.

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