H.J. has had many health problems because of her bad genetics, including being overweight, so she always looked for ways to lose weight fast . Her arms and thighs were huge after her 1st pregnancy and she was 90 pounds overweight.

After following a weight loss program for few months, 4 and a half months in fact, she lost all that extra fat from thighs and arms, and she thought it would be a great idea to start a youtube channel and upload a few videos.

So, she did this almost a year ago, and she named her channel Get Rid Of Arm Fat, she made 2 videos, one about how to lose arm fat and the other one about getting rid of the extra fat from thighs.

A few months after having uploaded the 2 videos on youtube, her videos got almost 100000 views and they both got good positions in youtube and google search, so she decided to change the name of her channel to “How to lose weight fast for women”.

Another great thing happened as well. When Heather lost so much weight she followed the steps of a weight loss program. The process of losing weight was not very easy for her, and sometimes she struggled. But a few days ago she received an email about a new weight loss program which was strictly for women.

She started to study it’s steps and recommended it to some of her subscribers. They lost a lot of weight even though they still ate foods they really loved, like pizza, pasta or chocolate. All these happened because the new weight loss program manages to boost female metabolism with over 52 %.

Since so many women were visiting her website after having watched her video about losing thigh fat, Heather made a new video on her website where she she shows her before and after photos and tell every woman about how they can lose weight so much faster and easier than her, just by following some new weight loss tips which were specially designed for women.

She also gives all her site visitors a routine to follow over the next few weeks, her mistakes and a new report which speaks about the differences between women’s and men’s metabolism and how to increase burnings in women.

All the women who received the book were very happy about the info they got after reading it and more than 50 % of them bought the new weight loss program because they wanted to be able to keep their weight under control in the future as well.

For more details about how to lose weight fast, women should visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IfQ7vb5f1A and watch her fat loss video for women on YouTube or http://www.youtube.com/user/getridofarmfatfast to check her channel!

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