H. J has just released a new video about a new special diet she created in order to lose arm fat

This new diet she created, was finally released to the public after half a year of intense studies on over 30 women who all wanted to reduce their arm fat. HJ was , and the first woman who tested it, as she has really believed that she can lose 1 inch from her arms in one month.

In one of the days she was fat, she met with a nutritionist because she wanted to learn the influence of some food on the fat from arms. Because she was really disappointed about the fact that the nutritionist told her that in his knowledge, there are no foods that are demonstrated to reduce arm fat, more than fat from other parts of the body.

His info and knowledge only stated that there is a diet plan that can reduce all the fat from the body.

But HJ was no ok with the answer. She wanted to help the women that are slim in their bodies, but because of their bad genetics had really fat arms. She had an idea that a combination of ginger, beet-root and carrots will burn more fat from arms compared to the fat from other parts of the body such as thighs, belly and butt.

So, for 30 consecutive days, she used to drink 1 liter of fresh juice made out of these 3 vegetables, in this proportions: ginger 15%, carrots 45% and beet root 40 %. At the same time she massaged her arms with a cream she bought herself made with coffee extract.

After 1 month, because she also ate less than 1300 calories per day, her arms were surely slimmer, so she gave out this plan to other 30 women to give it a test.

To her amusement, all women had darker skin after 30 days, and they had all lost at least half of inch from their arms. There were a few of them who also exercised their arms, and because of this, they are now eally fit.

When she saw that this diet for losing arm fat can really work, she decided to make this video about how to lose arm fat through diet and she speaks a lot about this new diet plan in her new youtube video.

For those who want to learn more about losing inches from their arms with a diet plan created for losing arm fat, here is the new video HJ has uploaded to her channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUhvuR2kwas

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