When you are in England, a visit to the Lake District National Park is compulsory. Situated in the heart of the country, this National Park is the largest in England and second largest in the UK. This region offers plenty of recreational and adventurous activities for visitors. Being a visitor, you can go on fishing in the park’s cleanest lakes or else can seek some adventure during hiking through the mountains and forest trails, with the help of Guided Tours of the Lake District. To observe the luxurious flora and fauna at its most natural state, Guided Sightseeing Tours Lake District offers countless opportunities to the nature lovers. Moreover, they also offer you great sightseeing tours, starting from soaring Scafell Pike to pristine lake waters of Wastwater Lake.

The Lake District is so extensive that it covers more than 3500 km and amidst it the National Park stands tall. The area offers myriad adventurous activities, like cycling, boating, walking tours, kayaking and many more. Mountain climbing and hiking are quite popular sports as the region is surrounded by many rugged mountain peaks, like Scafell Pike. The region’s perfect ethereal landscape, lush valleys and furrowed skylines make the area highly suitable for mountain climbing. Guided Tours of the Lake District allows the visitors to enjoy the beautiful valley amidst moderate climate and professional guides.

Sightseeing is an integral part in any holiday plan and Guided Sightseeing Tours Lake District is extremely popular among the tourists and vacationers who have visited the place, time and again. Besides visiting normal places of sightseeing, visitors should also check out some of the most ancient historical monuments and castles adorning the Lake District. This region is quite old, dating back to age of Roman occupation, thus is full of heritage buildings and architectural marvels. The Windermere Steamboat Museum is another major attraction of this place that takes you on a journey to discover some of the world’s best selection of steamboats of all times. Arthur Ransome exhibition is also there and the best part of this exhibition centre is that if you are lucky enough, you can easily rent their boats and board them to surf on the waters of the lake, provided the climate is favourable.

Cumbria and The Lake District offers various kinds of thrilling water sports related activities, including kayaking and canoeing. Several places also offer underwater diving facilities to explore the natural beauty of the river and the life under water. Divers are really lucky to discover fascinating underwater riverbed and plethora of marine wildlife. Visitors who are looking forward to enjoy various kinds of outdoor sports, especially wind surfing, The Lake District is a paradise in itself. There will be professional supervisors and wind surfing experts who will be able to assist the visitors, paying close attention to the safety requirements.

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