Situated in the North West England, The Lake District is well-known for its natural beauty and exotic locations. It consists of 16 lakes, 53 tarns and numerous hills and mountains, exuding the true beauty of England in the finest manner. By opting for Guided Tours of the Lake District, you will be able to take part in lot of recreational activities, such as skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, diving, fishing and lot more. Guided Sightseeing Tours Lake District offer you myriad ways to explore this natural paradise of rugged mountains, pristine fresh lakes, lush green valleys and furrowed landscapes.

The Lake District is an extremely beautiful place to explore. Its serene lakes and tarns are strewn across the rough and rugged blue mountains, hence those of you are looking forward to relax in a stunning environment, this place is a heaven altogether. This region, with its numerous lakes, meandering rivers and mesmerising scenery takes pride in making your holiday memorable and happening. To explore the area totally, you will need minimum 3 days and the segregation is done as follows:

Day 1 — Being the first day of the trip, you have to choose between a lazy day in the woods and an adventurous hiking trip along the rugged mountainous trails, just to capture the lovely panoramic view of the Kentmere Reservoir. Or you can also pack a healthy yet delicious lunch from hotel and relish it by sitting on the beach of a freshly filled Clearwater lake. If you want to explore more in short span of time, cycles are the best way to do it. Mountain bikes along with the help of Guided Tours of the Lake District will make you traverse ways through the meandering routes of Grizedale Forest.

Day 2 — Waking up after a day of exercise and wonderful sleep demands a leisure day. Take your family out for some Guided Sightseeing Tours Lake District and then visit the Museum of Lakeland Life to understand the development of this rural land. Know more about the lives of Victorian farmers and miners who chose this beautiful land for its natural splendour and thus earned a living out of many natural resources. Through these trips, you and your family will gain immense knowledge about the past of this place.

Day 3 — The last day of the entire trip should be spent in solitude and pampering. By choosing one of the finest hotels in Lake District, you can easily spend a leisure day. You can also go out with your family to try the local cuisine so that you can get a real taste of the place. The towns are also very ancient and quaint, and exude such old-world charm that will cast a spell all over you. You won’t feel like leaving that place and come back to the urban reality. But reality is reality after all.

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