10, May 2016: In the city, the traffic jam and the pollution-related issue are the two main problems. They haut the people each day. They become the biggest bugbears in daily life. In the rush hours, the traffic jam often causes the serious traffic issue. For those commuters, they are usually fed up with lateness for work because of traffic jam. What’s worse, the pollution-related issue usually caused health-threatening disease. In order to address these issue, the local govt. advocates the public transportation. But the effect is limited. In fact, it is effective and simple for every individual to do what they could do. Firstly, they could change in their personal transport. Airwheel provides them with a handy two-wheeled intelligent scooter Z5. This small vehicle will address, if not, mitigate the serious situation.

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Airwheel two-wheeled electric scooter Z5 was powered by the electricity. The electricity is a kind of clean energy, which never produces any emission into the air. In a sense, it lowers the emission of exhaust. More often than not, private cars emit a large amount of exhaust into the air, notably in the rush hour. When numerous cars are held up on the account of traffic jam, they produces worryingly staggering amount of carbon dioxide. Airwheel has no such issue. Even if Airwheel Z5 is held up, it will not produce other gas. What’s more, Airwheel Z5 is permissible to run on the pavement. Thereby the rider can cycle together with pedestrians.


In view of the above functions and advantages, Airwheel electric scooter Z5 is touted as the guardian of the city environment. On the one hand, it mitigates the serious situation of traffic. On the other hand, it keeps the air clean. At least, it is not the source of exhaust. Many young men and women favour it and ride it to work each day. It helps publicise it in a sense.

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