Guangzhou, 23 August 2014: Industries and manufacturing units operate with the help of machines which are advanced and minimize the efforts as well as time. One product which forms an essential part of many different machines is the fluid couplings. These devices act as overheating protection device which ensures that machines work seamlessly. These also ensure that machines are used for longer duration and their life gets extended for years. However, while purchasing these fluid coupling, constant filling fluid coupling, speed couplings, variable speed devices, and torque convertors it is important to purchase from reliable manufacturers. One manufacturer which has years of experience and is involved in development, production and sales of the products mentioned above is Guangzhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co. Ltd.

The company is located in Tanbu Industrial Zone, Hua Du District, Guanghzhou City. In order to view the products manufactured and sold by the company, customers can view their website. The website has been categorized in different sections to help easier browsing for the customers. People can also view different sections on the website offering details about application of their products in different kinds of industry. Moreover, the successful cases section offers the application of their products and their practical uses. Other than that the site offers enough information about their contact details, factory, and ways to order the preferred products.

The company is headed by Mx Li Yanfang who has 40 years of experience in the industry and has been involved in study of patent technology and production management since 1980. Customers would be delighted to know that the company has introduced advanced equipment and machinery for manufacture of a vast range of products. Their aluminum casting shop is spread over 2000m which offers low pressure casting and resin sand casting technology. The company also has a machining shop which is spread over 2500m and is installed with high accuracy equipment like CNC, milling machines, and machining centers. Lastly assembly shop is spread over an area of 2500m having 5 test stands. The state-of-the-art facility helps the company cater to a vast number of products and a rigid quality checks department.

Presently, the products manufactured by the company are shipped to customers across the world as well as to local customers in China. To check out their products such as the Variable speed fluid coupling and many more customers can go through the website which lists down products along with various details of each.

About Guanghzou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.

Guanghzou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer of various kinds of hydraulic equipment. The company has its own state-of-the-art facility for manufacture, assembling and dispatch units. Presently their goods are exported to customers around the globe.

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