A revolutionary new dietary supplement is set to hit the market this fall, it is set to hit the health community by storm with its remarkable anti-aging and energy enhancing capabilities. Targeting glutathione enhancement, GSH Gold is proving to be the most remarkable L-glutathione complex on the market.

While the product release date is set for some time in October 2014, GSH Gold has already started reaching out to the public through social media. Their Twitter and Facebook following is relatively modest at the moment, but come October they expect to have a fan following and customer outreach program second to none.

The real news isn’t that GSHGold has social media profiles, it is the fact that they intend on putting customers above all else. Ensuring they are available and easy to reach for any and all customer comments, concerns or questions. Giving consumers a direct link to the company which is extremely rare among most supplement companies these days.

GSH Gold claims to be the gold standard among glutathione supplements, offering only the best quality ingredients in robust amounts. Customer health and well-being are their main priorities, that is why they can offer such a revolutionary, uncompromising supplement.

While you wait for October to get your order in for this game changing L-glutathione complex, connect with GSH Gold via their social media accounts and stay up to date with any news or promotions.

Jeff Sutton
[email protected]