Orlando, Florida — According to top pools installer Poolsaboveground.com, above ground pools now represent over 50% of all the swimming pools in the United States. Over the last several years the above ground swimming pool has been rapidly outselling the ‘in-ground’ alternative and this trend shows no signs of slowing. The sharp increase in sales is widely attributed to the widening gap in price between the two, in addition to the improved build quality and materials of the former.

Here are several additional advantages of an above ground pool:

Price. The typical above ground pool will cost homeowners around $2000.00. This compares to $30,000 for an average concrete swimming pool!

Rapid installation. Often it takes just a single day to install an average sized pool and another day to fill it up with water.

Mobility. These pools are portable compared to the alternatives. It can be moved if needed or dismantled and taken with you. No need for a second purchase if you relocate your family.

Flexibility. You can fit them in spots where in-an ground pool would be impractical, such as low lying areas with a high water table or back yards with restricted access for workmen. 

Filter System. Filtration media (cartridge, sand or DE) is the same for both types of pools, but 110v pool pumps for above ground pools are cheaper and more efficient than 220v in-ground units.

Staying Power. Current Domestic brand above ground pools last an average of 20+ years. Do the math on this and you will quickly see this is an entertainment bargain almost anyone could afford.

Style. Better looking than their predecessors and more affordable than their in ground cousins, the above ground pool provides an attractive and stylish option 

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