Joseph Grinkorn, a Wall Street investments expert: Trump will unleash an energy revolution that would turn America in to the world’s dominant leader in energy and petroleum production and significantly reduce the power and influence of OPEC

New York, January 16, 2017 -   Joseph Grinkorn, an American businessman and Wall Street investment expert predicts that Donald Trump’s presidency would lead to a revolution in the global energy market. According to Grinkorn, the transformation of U.S. to a formidable international energy superpower would lead to a sharp 50% drop in the oil prices, from 54 dollars a barrel last Friday to as low as 25 dollars per barrel in the coming year.

Grinkorn explains that such phenomenon as the recent OPEC decision to cut oil production by 1.2 million barrels per day in order to raise global oil prices, that surged by 15%, would become a distant and remote memory in the near future. The main reason is the execution of Trump’s first 100-day policy plan. The major part of this plan is lead to American energy independence as soon as possible. First of all, Trump would approve development of the Keystone pipeline one of the largest oil pipelines in the world, that would carry oil from Canada to the United States.
According to Trump, declaring American energy independence dominance is a strategic economic and foreign goal of the United States. More so, Grinkorn noted that there are tensions between OPEC and other leading oil producing countries that aren’t OPEC members. They don’t trust each other and thus they can't make a unanimous decision that would have a strong long term impact on the international energy market.

Grinkorn noted that, " According to Trump and expert estimates, appropriate energy policy would be conducted by the American government and would unleash America’s 50 trillion dollars in untapped shale, oil, natural gas and clean coal reserves. This large amount of fuels would eliminate the need to import energy products to the United States, raises foreign capital invested in the United States, and at the political level it would stop America’s dependence on OPEC countries. At the same time, Trump’s administration would promote and encourage the use of clean and renewable energy like natural gas and clean coal".

Grinkorn also adds: "Beyond the energy independence, the geopolitical advantages that it has and the U.S. balance of trade, it would be creating at least a half million jobs in the U.S. energy sector in 2017 alone. Trump would encourage U.S. employment and stimulate economic growth by tax reductions. The American Economy would profit from 30 billion dollars in higher wages, and simultaneously the oil and energy prices would decrease by half. This would increase the purchasing power of the average American, who would continue to be the main driver of American economic growth".
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