Greg Migliaccio

Born                            Gregory Ari Migliaccio

July                             26, 1992 (28)

Born                            Long Island NY

Occupation               Entrepreneur, software developer, Marketing expert, Pest Control Guru

Years active              2012–present

Net worth                  $4.25 million (2019)

Height                         5' 7"


Gregory Ari Migliaccio (born July 26, 1992) is an American entrepreneur, software developer, marketing expert and pest control guru. Greg Migliaccio is the CEO and founder of GAM Exterminating Inc. And has a net worth of 4.25 Million as of 2019.



1              Early life


             Personal life

3.1          Marriage

3.2          Beliefs


Early life

Greg Migliaccio was born in Brooklyn NY, but was raised from an early age In Oceanside NY on Long Island. He was raised primarily in a single family home along with 2 sisters by there mother, as his father had passed away at an early age, as well as his grandparents passing there shortly after.



In 2012, Greg Migliaccio founded Gam Services USA (GAM Exterminating), which of 2020 is a pest control company operating in 8 major US cities with an annual gross revenue of 8.25 million. He is described as a genious in the industry specializing in marketing and software development which improves operational functionalities.


Personal life

Greg Migliaccio is known to be a "snow bird", residing in Miami Florida during cold weather months. It is known he also holds residency in Long Island NY and Los Angeles California. He is described as a family man despite not being married or having children, and a watersports and nightlife enthusiast. Both a fight fan and MLB fan. He is the step-son of Phil Capobianco, former professional boxer and manager of WBO Light Heavyweight Champion of the world Joe Smith JR. He is also said to be in a committed relationship as of 2021.  Greg Migliaccio is also an outspoken registered conservative republican and avid Donald Trump supporter.



Greg Migliaccio is a practicing Roman Catholic christian .



Greg Migliaccio is born from both parents with Italian ancestory. It is said he is predominatly Italian-American.