Daylilies are one of the best ways to naturalize a landscape. With today’s hybrid daylilies, gardeners are enjoying their bright blooms longer into the growing season. The compact size of these plants makes it simple to add sporadically into the gardening landscape for a more interesting and welcoming appearance.

This spring Greenwood Nursery has added strong blooming daylilies such as the Midnight Raider, Ruby Spider, Pumpkin Festival and Always Afternoon with more varieties to come.

The deep purple red of the Midnight Raider Daylily is striking against its semi-evergreen foliage.  Ruby Spider is an award winning daylily producing large red blooms with yellow throats. The Pumpkin Festival and Always Afternoon are multi-colored bloomers with ruffled edges.

These newer daylily varieties are strong bloomers – some as late as first frost.

“If you’re only choosing one daylily, I’d recommend the Stella De Oro.” Notes Cheryl Jones, President of Greenwood Nursery, “The Stella D’Oro is a compact grower but produces large bright yellow blooms making it an excellent choice for brightening any garden setting.” Jones adds, “It is probably THE most popular daylily cultivar due to its compact size, vigorous growth, amazing blooms and long blooming period.”

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