Birmingham, United Kingdom (February 26, 2010) - Leading expert provider of retail solutions including retail design, point-of-purchase, shop-in-shop and flagship store design, have been championing the benefits of attractive window designs and have spread their talents to the likes of New Look and Harrods.

Green Room Retail has recently installed a window display for Nike at Harrods which contains a pulsing graphic equaliser and over 10,000 LEDs. Green Room Retail believes that retail displays like this stop customers in their tracks and aren't just an attractive sales pitch or gimmick. They believe that retail design such as window displays help to complement the best features of a store and are the best way to advertise products to customers.

Speaking about the New Look display in Marketing Week, Richard Ash details what qualities a window display should have to maximise its effect. He underlines that it has to create an impact, have an understanding of the customers it is targeting, be bright and use lighting effectively, use movement to catch the eye, make effective use of space and angle advertisements and mannequins appropriately.

"This was a big occasion for New Look and us, and the excitement around it has reminded me about what it is I absolutely love about store windows and the part they play in the retail mix," said Richard Ash, founder and CEO of Green Room Retail. "If a window's not coveting attention, then what is it doing? Every passerby is a missed opportunity. To not act and lure them into your store, to your brand, to your product, is to fail. On a busy thoroughfare like Oxford Street, even a tiny percentage of converted pedestrians equates to a lovely ringing sound at the tills.

"Good design rewards investment in spades, emotionally and financially. Customers are out there; you've just got to stop them in their tracks, so if your window is not thought provoking, on any level, it's not doing its job. To blend in is to be lost in the blur of passing by. And let's be honest; too many of the windows dominating our retail areas are bland, uninspiring and, frankly, mediocre. So I'm urging you to change this by loving windows too!"

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Opening its doors back in 2001, Green Room Retail (GRR) was born out of MD Richard Ash's love of retail. Having spent 15 years working with some of the most successful brands in the world, Richard's vision was simple - give client exceptional creativity and service at a fair price. The company continues to go from strength to strength, with leading brands from around the world trusting Green Room Retail to deliver them unexpected retail solutions. GRR recently extended their Birmingham offices and also, a short while ago, collaborated on BBC 2's leading retail deign programme 'Mary Queen of Shops' with Mary Portas.