United Kingdom; 16, June 2015: With growing concerns to global warming and damage to the environment, constructions are largely getting inclined towards green technology. Companies as well as individual customers are trying to make their homes environment friendly. In an attempt to offer innovative yet affordable green construction solutions, a Twickenham and Sheen construction company named Green Group Construction offers its services. The company has been in the business for quite a long time and ensures that its skilled and experienced professionals offer the best possible solutions to the customers. The company initiates to offer customers the assistance for achieving their vision and idea of an ideal home by designing a layout which works for their needs. Their services are tailor made and are based on the budgets of their customers. Their services are available to customers in UK which includes areas like Richmond, Kingston, Hampton, etc.

Included in its services the company specializes in velux, extensions as well as house refurbishments. By this process customers can extend, convert as well as create space within their property. These services can be highly customized and based on the budgets and ideas of the clients themselves. Loft conversion is another service which the company expertise in. They make sure that the house has a strong as well as beautiful structure where your family can be in peace and luxury. Other services include the renewable energy services where they offer installation of solar panels, which would enable them in generating electricity for their house themselves. It helps in reduction of long term costs which the customer has to bear for electric consumption.

Being a family owned business, they understand the needs of their customers and intend to develop a long lasting relationships. Their growth and service quality has grown due to the high quality work as well as word of mouth publicity of their existing clients. The company practices a transparent approach when it comes to offering their services. They work within timescales as well as frameworks for delivering projects on time and on budgets of their customers. The entire process is done with collaborated efforts and increased flexibility for the clients as a part of openness and honesty. Combining the aspects of innovation, safety, quality, and sustainability, the company intends to offer advanced and long term green solutions to its customers. To know more about their services and get more information regarding the prices, customers can visit their website. Additionally, they can use any of the mentioned contact details to get answers to their personal queries.

About Green Group Construction:


Green Group Construction is a company which offers its services in green construction solutions to customers. Their services are tailor made and can be customized as per the needs and budgets of each customer.