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Las Vegas (Feb. 28, 2015) — Green Clean Maids is an accomplished green and non-toxic cleaning company in Las Vegas. Most cleaning products used by every day households contain more toxins than the average individual may think. Green Clean Maids provide households and offices a safe and eco-friendly alternative in keeping spaces clean.

“People don’t realize how bad most of the daily products we use at home are. Green Clean Maids use all non-toxic products. We highly recommend switching to green products, especially if you have children or pets since they are prone to develop allergies and asthma at an early age.”  says Paulina & Benjamin Cordova (owners of Green Clean Maids LLC).

Benjamin Cordova offers some professional advice to every day household cleaning products, ”Most of the chemicals in cleaning products contribute to indoor air pollution, which is harmful when inhaled, and is poisonous if ingested."

Paulina Cordova is a UNLV graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, “I started being more aware on which cleaning products to use at home when I was pregnant with my daughter.”

Green Clean Maids work weekly, bi-weekly or monthly using products that are Green Seal approved to provide a healthy, clean environment in the home or work place. With over 20 years of experience, Green Clean Maids guarantees an eco-friendly way of cleaning for a healthier environment.

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About Green Clean Maids:
Green Clean Maids is a cleaning company servicing Las Vegas homes, high-rise or office. All the products used are non-toxic and eco-friendly. It is a local family owned company. It is a licensed and insured company with over 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry.

Green Clean Maids