Bark at the Moon’s December blog post informs readers on how to keep their pups safe during the holiday season

Green Butterfly Brands’ Bark at the Moon blog recently posted an article urging readers to think of their furry friend’s safety during the most wonderful time of the year. Because this season brings about a very busy schedule, many pet owners forget about how their dogs might react to the hustle and bustle of the holidays. The blog post offered five tips to ensure that every pup and their parents have a safe and enjoyable holiday. The first tip reminds owners to “dog-ify” their homes; this means keeping ornaments off the lower branches on the Christmas tree to avoid an accident involving a wagging tail. The second tip warns owners of the danger of candles; they should be kept out of reach of all pups. The third tip informs readers that all three holiday plants- holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia- are all poisonous to pets. The fourth tip cautions of the stress dogs can endure throughout the holiday season. To reduce the stress, pet owners should try to keep their dog’s schedule consistent and remember to never leave a dog outside for long periods of time in winter. The fifth, and last, tip suggests that owners avoid gifting their pets with toys with small parts that might pose a choking hazard and recommends Bark at the Moon treats as great gifts for dogs of all ages and sizes.

“Our all natural dog treats make safe and fun gifts,” said Julia Stanton, Director of Marketing at Green Butterfly Brands. “All our treats are grain-free, with all-natural ingredients, and can be broken into smaller pieces for puppies, small dogs, or older furry friends.” Green Butterfly Brands now offers a wide variety of treats for pups to choose from. Their original treat, All-Natural Turkey, is made of human-grade ingredients, like turkey, farm stand vegetables, and molasses. They also host a line of popular one-ingredient treats, such as Premium Chicken Jerky and Wild-Caught Salmon. Their latest one-ingredient treat, Whole Chicken Hearts, are all available on Amazon.

Bark at the Moon continues to advocate for animal safety, as they post about it on their blog and continue to offer a wide-variety of safe and healthy treats for dogs and cats. The company offers a money back guarantee on their treats and donates a portion of sales to train service dogs for wounded veterans.

About Green Butterfly Brands

Green Butterfly Brands is a family-run business committed to providing healthy cat and dog treats made in USA.  Bark at the Moon All-Natural Treats offers pet owners a healthy way to reward their dogs and cats for their loyalty and obedience. Bark at the Moon’s Natural Turkey Treats, Premium Chicken Jerky, and Wild-Caught Salmon Treats can be purchased on Amazon.

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