After a recently successful launching of her blog, Sandy McQueen has another informative article for aspiring entrepreneurs. In her latest post “ Work from Home Ideas for Pet Lovers: Mobile Pet Grooming” she shares exciting information why she thinks a mobile pet grooming business will hit big this year.

In related news, according to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA — ), about 62% of all households in the United States have a pet and there are at least 78.2 million dogs and about 86.4 million cats that live in these homes.

These figures only shows the massive market one has should they consider starting their very own mobile pet grooming service, as suggested by Sandy McQueen in her latest article.

Unlike other pet services, mobile pet grooming tends to get more attention and appreciation these days because of people’s “always on the go” lifestyle today compared just a few years back.

In her article Sandy says, “If you love animals, and you are looking for great work from home ideas, you may want to consider starting a mobile pet grooming business. This can be a very profitable and fun business to get into and there is high demand for such services. People love their pets, but they are also very busy so if you can travel to their location to groom their dog or cat, you save them time and hassle. People are willing to pay good money for this service.”

She emphasizes on the value this kind of service can provide for pet owners; a way for them to save time on taking care of their pets while having the peace of mind that their dog or cat are in good hands. Considering these two factors alone and applying them in actual business practice, one can already foresee why this idea can be very lucrative this year.

In her article, she expounds on different tips how one can start this business and the right first steps to undertake. Often, it’s the first few stages of starting the business, learning the ropes, is what most business people find difficult.

With Sandy McQueen’s easy to understand yet comprehensive guide on how one can start this home based business, anyone who is serious in investing their time and money on this kind of venture can already have an advantage, just by following her sensible tips and advice.

Ideas on how to compute a reasonable rate for a mobile pet grooming service, what kind of license one needs to acquire to establish credibility and even tips on the kind of tools you will need to be next sought after mobile pet groomer in your area. All are covered in this informative and helpful blog post.

This informative article was definitely published to help those who are new in starting their own home based business and seeking practical ideas to work with.

Anyone one who is an animal lover and looking for more work from home ideas should head to her blog at and read the full post today.


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