Best Selling Electric Fly Swatter Returns to after Selling Out Just Two Days after Its Marketplace Debut

NEW YORK — On the heels of the success of the sky blue Wonder Zap Electric Bug Zapper, Great Value SG announced today that it is releasing a special limited edition version in lavender purple. The electric fly swatter has proved to be one of the summer’s most popular must-have items, selling out on just two days after its marketplace debut in July.

The special limited edition electric fly swatters in lavender purple will be available starting on August 3 while supplies last. A powerful and highly reliable insect killer, the product can be used not only on flies, but also to rid spaces of mosquitoes, gnats, wasps, spiders and cockroaches by discharging up to 3000 volts of electricity.

“This is exactly what you want, and should have in a bug zapper,” said a customer who recently purchased the electric fly swatter on “This thing is the iPhone of bug zappers. It's straight baller. If you're shopping for a zapper, this is what you're gonna want. It would be a shame if you passed it up. Most importantly, I use it to kill mosquitos that, let's be honest, might actually be carrying the Zika virus. I honestly think every adult person should own one of these if only for that reason. And I use it on dirty flies. I give it 6 stars. What you should have for yourself, if you can see its value.”

Great Value SG’s electric fly swatter is highly portable, convenient and easy to clean. The device is powered by three AAA batteries and offers a pet and child-safe alternative to chemical sprays for achieving a bug-free environment. Shaped like a tennis racquet, the bug zapper features a streamlined handle for an easy swing with an extra large swatter mesh to increase the hit rate. A bright energy-efficient LED light helps to locate mosquitoes even in the dark.

“This is a really great bug zapper,” said R.D. Davis, in an review she entitled, “Kills bugs without using chemical bug sprays!” “We have had a few before, but this one is the best so far. It has a larger surface, longer reach, and seems to be much more powerful as well. When you get a bug you know it, even if it was so small you couldn’t see it - because it makes a loud zapping noise. The others would only make a loud pop occasionally, but this one does it every time. My hubby loves it.”

More information about the Wonder Zap Electric Bug Zapper, including pricing and specifications, is available at and on the product page.

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