17, July 2015: The brands and the feel of smoking is something that every smoker gives much importance to. Different brands have different kinds of variations for the cigarettes and they provide different experiences. Therefore the smokers make the choice according to that only. Probably this can be regarded as the main reason why the smokers are rapidly shifting from the local cheap cigarettes to the branded premium quality. The smoothness that is offered by these quality cigarettes remain absent in the local ones. Also the harshness in them creates different complications as well. This is the reason that the adults as well as the teenagers are mostly buying the branded cigarettes.

Now that this sudden trend has been noticed the premier brands have also started to spread up more than before in order to make sure that the brands reach more and more people. They are also focusing on the increase of the varieties. The reason that the people are preferring these brands is that they have not lowered their quality at any cost and when the smokers buy them, they get assured that they are buying the same quality that they are looking for. This is the main reason why companies such as Newport and Marlboro have been getting the best responces from the smokers.

Now that the new avenues for sales of these cigarettes have emerged, the companies are also coming up with all their resources to spread these cigarettes among the general people more than ever. Among these, the two brands, Newport and Marlboro is having a good business all the year round. From the online websites also great revenue is getting generated as the number of online buyers is increasing day by day. Now that the requirement for the Newport menthol cigarettes have increased the site is having more visits by the smokers than before. Same it is for the Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes. The Marlboro light cigarettes also have the same craze because of the smoothness.

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