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Eden Prairie, MN - Cathryn Raia, an illustrator from Eden Prairie, Minn., wants to create a living memorial to her good friend, Isaac Zafft, who was murdered in California on July 7. “The best way to remember Isaac is to compile a book of his stories, pictures and illustrations,” said Raia.

The details of Zafft’s death are still vague and his murder is still under investigation. One thing is clear, however. He had plenty of stories to tell.

As a member of Conservation Corps, Zafft traveled all over the country, working on numerous human service and conservation projects. He was a vagabond of sorts, making friends wherever he went and filling his life with interesting experiences.

“He would talk to everyone and anyone,” said Raia, who now resides in Germany.

Although they were thousands of miles apart, Raia and Zafft, both native Minnesotans, e-mailed each other regularly, sharing details of each other’s lives. Raia saved all of Zafft’s messages.

When news of Zafft’s murder broke, Raia was heartbroken but immediately began to piece together a collection of his stories, adding her own illustrations. She created a 10-page DIY Isaac Zafft comic (a “zine”), made 100 copies using her own money and distributed them to friends and family.

Raia wants to take things one step further and craft a memorial book with hundred of stories, illustrations and photos. “Isaac had so many friends, all of whom had crazy stories to tell and share,” she said. “In the next year or so, I’d like to collect more stories from his friends, family, and colleagues and create a full-color graphic novel. It would be a book of comics that includes Isaac's own kooky drawings, train yard maps and other memoirs.”

The cost to format and print 500 copies of this book is about $5,000. In order to generate this funding, Raia has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome. For $25, backers will receive a copy of the original zine. A $50 contribution fetches the zine plus a handmade gift from one of Zafft’s friends.

“Isaac was stolen from us but we don't have to leave his memory at the scene of the crime,” said Raia. “This graphic novel will help the grieving process of his friends and family as well as start an entirely new project I know Isaac would have appreciated.”

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