Peterborough, UK.
As a new £5m fund becomes available to poultry farmers throughout the UK, Peterborough-based plastic water tanks specialist, Endurmaxx sets to to inform farmers of the best methods for capturing free rainwater.

The new fund forms part of Defra’s new £141m Countryside Productivity Scheme and is designed to help farmers access the best technology available to them and to ultimately improve productivity. Small grants of between £2,500 and £35,000, as well as lager grants in the region of up to £1m are available, with monies to be used to fund 50 per cent of investments in specific types of farm equipment.

Items falling within the remit of the grant include; crop robotics, woodland harvesting and also water management.  Rainwater harvesting for irrigation purposes falls within this category.  Additionally, funds can be used for supporting equipment, such as pumps, recirculation and water tanks.

Enduramaxx established it’s name providing vertical and horizontal storage tanks to agricultural organisations.  As well as plastic water tanks and rainwater tanks, Enduramaxx also provides potable water tanks and WRAS-approved water tanks suitable for storing drinking water fit for human consumption.  The company’s rainwater harvesting tanks store vast volumes of free water channelled from agricultural building roof run-off.  Made from a strong, UV-stabilised polyethylene, rainwater is stored safely until demand is high.

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