Salt Lake City, Utah — Carpal tunnel syndrome has the power to cause pain, interrupt sleep and inhibit the ability of the afflicted to work. That is why the right posture and convenient therapies that can be done at home are critical for stopping the development of this terrible condition.

The Aiken Standard reports that good posture affects one’s body in more ways than is typically expected. The body’s function is primarily controlled by the central nervous system, which is impacted by repetitive motions or the strains of rigorous work. It is especially important to protect the nerves in one’s wrist to prevent injury to the soft tissue and pinching of the Median Nerve in the Carpal Tunnel. Otherwise, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is likely to develop.

People that depend on their hands, which is most of us, need to utilize good ergonomics at their work stations, practice good posture and utilize an appropriate proactive therapy to treat and prevent injury. With all of the different contraptions on the market for wrist supports, it may seem difficult to choose the right product. Most of these devices immobilize the hand and wrist with rigid braces or wrist splints may help initially by eliminating movement, but in the long run these devices cause muscle atrophy and make this nerve disorder even worse. Not to mention the discomfort and restrictions in movement.

It is important to work with a trusted brand and reliable medical products supplier who guarantees their therapies and products. For this condition it is especially important to find a convenient home therapy because it almost always comes back even after Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

The good news is there are reliable therapies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that are offered by trusted medical suppliers. Neurologists call the Carpal Solution Therapy the best first line of defense for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Most patients call it a “Carpal Tunnel Cure.” It works for 97% of people with this hand wrist condition. It can be utilized at night during sleep to relieve your symptoms in the comfort of home. This is a home therapy that assures you get a good night of sleep and that you are able to work a full day without limitations.

The Carpal Tunnel Solution is a dynamic approach to consistently stretching the base of the hand around the Median Nerve during sleep. It provides relief of your worst symptoms within a few weeks and complete remission of the disorder within the Six Week Night Time Stretching Protocol. This medical protocol was developed by doctors working with patients who suffer with this frustrating hand condition. Also, after the six week protocol, most people find that their symptoms do not return for 2 to 7 years. Not bad for a comfortable night time stretching therapy.
Although some patients opt for surgery or spend thousands of dollars on gimmicks and ineffective fads, there is no reason to suffer worrying any longer. There is a reliable medical stretch tapping system that relieves pain, restores flexibility and blood circulation and protects against further injury.

The Carpal Tunnel Solution is clinically documented, FDA registered, developed by doctors, and used by over 50,000 people. It works for 97% of people in just a few weeks of treatment.

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Guarding against carpal tunnel syndrome is important for those that make a living with their hands. In the information age, that lists includes just about everybody. Call today to place an order and obtain the proper therapy for your hands.

Be Proactive about your hand health.

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