Golf is no longer a game for the wealthy upper classes, and with many people choosing to head off on golf holidays every year, you can see its increasing popularity. No longer do players have to wait for open days at their local clubs or pay a small fortune for membership of exclusive groups, thanks to cheap international travel and availability of excellent courses around the world. The question is that with so many options available to you... where do you choose?

You really can't beat golf holidays in Cyprus
There are few places on earth that manage to bring together a wide selection of professionally designed courses with a rarely found natural beauty, but those who choose a holiday in Cyprus will return with tales of shooting great rounds amidst incredible scenery. Whatever your handicap, you just know from the moment you step out on the first tee that you're in for a truly different golfing experience. Whether your whole family is mad about the sport or you'd prefer to walk the course yourself, the island is the ideal location for a break.

Spending time on the fairways may well inspire you to go exploring further afield, as you spot golden sandy beaches and stunning examples of architecture all around you. You may well end up distracted by the stunning scenery as you meander through the holes, but turning in a poor score is the perfect excuse to start all over again and try and improve. Then, once you're done playing a couple of rounds or finished wandering around some long-forgotten ruin, you can return to the luxury of your hotel to wind down and prepare for another day of excitement!

It's not just great for golf; holidays in Cyprus offer so much more!
If you choose to drag yourself away from the greens you'll discover why so many people opt for a holiday in Cyprus. Be sure to visit the sun-kissed beaches that boast clear blue seas and fine golden sand, or check out the thousands of years' of architectural history that made the island what it is today. Thankfully, no matter where you're staying there's always a local course that will provide a much needed challenge.

However, if your focus is on golf holidays you can guarantee that you won't be disappointed. Players of all levels will enjoy their time on the island's fairways, while other guests who may not be so into the game can fill their days with a wide range of activities. A holiday in Cyprus really is a joy, so why not grab your clubs, lace up your spikes and see for yourself?

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