The Tree Swing strap GoldnSend presents, entails more than the regular tree strap belt each of us knows! At an awesome length of 10 feet or 120 inches, with a width of 2 inches, this strap belt can efficiently sustain up to 1000 lbs. This is facilitated by its strong double strap or belt, which runs all through.

Exceptional Features

Double Tree Swing Straps
The double swing strap distinguishes this strap belt from other regular straps being sold, which have single strap with a loop at the two ends. GoldnSend’s strap belt presents double straps and loop at the end, which has an extremely lovely stitching.

Easy to Carry
No one wants to have a product that is heavy to carry around! GoldnSend had this consideration in mind when they created this tree swing strap belt. This is enabled by the carabiners or hook, which is extremely light in weight. It weighs just 1 ounce and can maintain up to 2600 lbs.

This is a great improvement from other tree swing strap belts in the market whose hook is heavy and hold much lower. A heavy hook is dangerous as children may get hurt.

Safety is paramount, as far as GoldnSend is concerned and therefore they produced a light hook, which does not have a sharp edge, together with the lock screw hook.

The Launch!

The launch of this great product is scheduled for beginning of August and it is on sale on Amazon. Instructions that are simple to understand and follow are presented. There is also an installation card and a hazard warning is attached to the image.

For a tree swing strap that gives safety priority and is efficient and easy to use, opt for the GoldnSend Strap Belt!
Satisfaction is definitely guaranteed!

Liza James
[email protected]